Dramatic Moment British YouTuber Accidentally Films His Own Car Crash


A vlogger accidentally filmed his own car crash while driving with friends.

The YouTuber Ben Brown, 29, was riding in the passenger seat and joking with his friends when another car slammed into the side of their vehicle.

Luckily the London film maker and photographer was saved by a side air bag that was released on impact, as was his friend in the back, the Daily Mail reports.

Footage, which was filmed on GoPro’s in the car and later uploaded to YouTube, shows the four guys chatting. ‘Look at that,’ Brown says, pointing out of the window, unwittingly distracting the driver and seconds later a car ploughs into them.

All four men are hurled to the side, a loud bang is heard and they’re jolted forward. The two men on the left are saved from their heads banging into the glass by airbags. Their seatbelts also prevented any serious injuries.

Ben Brown’s been active  on YouTube since 2006 and has over 500, 000 YouTube subscribers, his channel has been viewed over 76 million times.