Dramatic Moment Paris Suicide Bomber Blew Herself Up Emerges Online

Dramatic Moment Paris Suicide Bomber Blew Herself Up Emerges Online UNILAD audio87262Mirror

Footage has emerged of the final moments of Europe’s first female suicide bomber, as she screamed ‘he’s not my boyfriend’ at police before blowing herself up.

Hasna Ait Boulahcen’s head flew out of a window and her spine landed on a police car when she detonated her explosive vest after a fierce gun and grenade battle with French commandos.

The clip, obtained by ABC News, shows the dramatic events unfolding early on Wednesday morning.

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Anti-terror police can be seen going around the side of the flats as laser scopes from police guns aim at a window in the apartment block in Saint-Denis.

Throughout the clip gunfire can be heard, and there is shouting before a huge explosion blows out of the top-floor window.


This is believed to be the moment Boulahcen, 26, the cousin of Paris attack ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud, detonated her suicide bomb.

It’s being reported that Abaaoud used to be a party animal, loved a drink and had had several boyfriends. She appears to have only become radicalised in the last month after, then joining ISIS.

In a statement, her brother Youssouf said:

I told her to stop all of this but she would not listen, she ignored my numerous attempts to give her advice telling me I was not her dad, or her husband, and so I should leave her alone.