Drink-Driver Who Paralysed Two Young Women Let Off Tag To Go On Stag Do


A drink-driver who left two women paralysed has had his curfew lifted, so he could go to a stag do.

Jon Morton, 32, was allowed to go to the Portugal with friends, after magistrates removed his electronic tag.

The doorman – who was also later convicted of possessing animal and child pornography – ruined the lives of the passengers in his car, Amy Baxter, 28, and Hayley Jones, 32, when he crashed after a night drinking, the Daily Mail reported.


Miss Baxter is still in hospital, and had to have half her skull removed – she couldn’t see her children for seven months because of her distressing injuries.

Miss Jones broke her back and neck, and is paralysed from the chest down.

Amy’s mother Pauline Baxter told the Mail:

It was sickening. Amy can’t go on holiday, her children can’t go on holiday, we can’t go on holiday, but this criminal is allowed to fly off to the beach when he should have been serving his punishment. That’s not justice.

Two small children have in effect and for all intents and purposes lost their mother. He as good as killed Amy that night. Yes, she’s breathing and yes, her heart is beating but as far as being alive goes, that’s it.

Miss Jones, a former actress who planned to train as a dental hygienist from Cheshire, added:

The leniency is a joke. It’s disgraceful that he was allowed to go on holiday when I’m still suffering from my injuries.

My life is ruined. I’m never going to be able to walk again, I can’t move my fingers, I am in agony all the time.


The crash happened on the M61 near Manchester last summer, and Mr Morton walked away with only cuts and bruises.

He pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention as well as drink-driving, and was sentenced to a three-year driving ban, with a fine and 20-week overnight curfew, according to the Daily Mail.

He said:

I had to go back to court to change the curfew so I could continue with work and that’s when I also mentioned the stag do.

But I got extra time put on because of the stag do. I told them I would have taken a custodial sentence because of what happened but they decided not to.