Drivers Are Getting Hit With £1000 Fines For Making This Simple Mistake


Another inordinate and badly thought-out fine means that you can get penalised £1000 for not updating the address on your driver’s licence, while only getting fined £200 for using a mobile phone while driving.

This law isn’t new, but it is thought that around seven per cent of UK motorists do not have a fully updated license, often carrying over an old address, their parents’ address, or a maiden name.

So if you have recently moved house or got married, be sure to update your details to avoid being caught out.

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Paul Watters from the AA expressed how there are other issues that drivers are not aware of:

There are quite a few things that drivers can be innocently get caught up in. For example, they may have insured their car, but their details may not appear on the Motor Insurance Database.

Also many people don’t check their V5 document to see if their car is registered to the correct address. You can check these things online.


You can still drive while you’re waiting for your new license, but if you do not update your address, change of name, or medical condition, you could face a hefty fine.

As well as this, photocard licenses have to be replaced every 10 years with a new photograph which can be done for £20.

Go and check whether you are unwittingly breaking the law, and you can update your details here.