Drone Captures Incredible Footage Of Massive Tiger Shark Feeding Frenzy

Eco Abrolhos/Facebook

Incerdible drone footage of over 70 tiger sharks tearing a humpback whale carcass to shreds has gone viral.

The bloody scene was captured at Shark Bay, Western Australia, by island tour company Eco Abrolhos.

As reported by the Daily Mail, two boatloads of tourists were lucky enough to witness the awesome scene firsthand, just four days into their 14-day cruise, while an aerial drone filmed the scene from all angles.

Check it out:

Eco Abrolhos 14 day cruise from Geraldton to Broome and everyw…

Feeding frenzy at Shark Bay – Tigers having a whale of a time.

Posted by Eco Abrolhos on Friday, May 20, 2016

Cruise operator Jay Cox said:

We had passengers from Perth, Melbourne and Sydney – they said it was the most amazing thing they’d ever seen in their life.

We went round for two hours right up close and personal you could reach over and touch them (the sharks). They were very docile and very well fed, we counted around 70 tiger sharks of all shapes and sizes. Some of them were up to six metres long.

Day 4 of 14 on the Geraldton to Broome island adventure cruise at Steep Point, Dirk Hartog Island watching 70 tiger…

Posted by Eco Abrolhos on Friday, May 20, 2016

The sharks -which can grow up to six-and-a-half metres long and weigh 520 kg- are known to prey on young humpbacks or adults in distress, but it isn’t clear what led to the featured whale’s demise.

Cox added it was his belief the whale drowned after entering shallow waters before it became the shark’s supper.

The circle of life…