Drone Captures Killer Clown Running Through Forest In Creepy Video

by : UNILAD on : 19 Oct 2016 16:05

With killer clown mania in full force, you can expect a few weirdos dressed like maniacal jokers lurking around your neighbourhood – but actually finding them can be fucking terrifying.

That was the case for Jake Newton, who managed to catch one on video while test-flying a drone.


Dressed in a yellow, red and blue striped costume, the clown appears to be running from (or to) someone through a forest.


Jake, from South Carolina, uploaded the creepy footage to Twitter on Monday with the caption: “Out test flying a drone today..must of spooked a clown.”

While the video shows only a distant picture of the clown, it’s still undeniably creepy that those guys are running around in forests near homes and schools.


Unfortunately, the killer clown phase doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon – with clowns terrorising the UK, U.S., Canada, and Sweden, things have started to get out of hand.

Last week, a 19-year-old was stabbed in the street by a knife-wielding clown in the city of Varberg, Sweden.

The teen was stabbed in the shoulder before the clown fled the attack last Thursday.


Because of the attack, children have been banned from trick or treating because of the threat in some parts of the country.


But while the safety of those who come across the clowns is extremely worrying, non-killer clowns have also been voicing their own opinion on the mania.

One clown stripper has even declared war on the killer fraudsters after his party bookings collapsed, the Daily Star reports.


Obviously, the creepy clown phase isn’t for everyone.

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