Drone Footage Shows Devastation Of Pub Washed Away In Christmas Floods

Live Leak

The north of England has been hit by severe flooding over the festive period and dramatic drone footage shows the extent of the devastation in Bury, as various areas of the country continue to be hammered by rain.

In one of the worst hit parts of the flooding, the 200-year-old Waterside pub in Summerseat, Bury actually collapsed into the River Irwell yesterday morning.

And the incredible drone footage from the scene shows how much of the building was swallowed up by the water, with the majority of the floor and walls having been completely gutted.


Fortunately, nobody was inside the historic pub when it fell.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, eyewitness Adrian Costello, 32, said:

I was walking into the car park at The Spinnings [next door] and heard a loud crumbling and crashing sound. I turned to my left and watched The Waterside crumble into the river from being fully intact to disintegrating in front of my eyes. It was like a scene from a film. It was gone in a few seconds. There was dust everywhere.

The footage is a reminder of just how badly some cities across the UK have been hit by the flooding. Stay safe out there and let’s hope for some respite from the rain soon.