Drone Footage Shows True Extent Of Devastation In Japan Following Earthquake


Startling drone footage has revealed the true extent of the damage done in Japan following the yesterday’s devastating earthquake. 

The 7.3-magnitude quake that struck the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan has so far killed 41 people, although that figure is expected to rise and has left thousands without water and power, the BBC reports.

Now the area is being plagued by a number of dangerous aftershocks which are slowing down rescue efforts.

japan drone 1Kyodo News

And while so far only a few photos have emerged showing the terrible damage suffered in the country’s southern region, Kyodo News have now released drone footage that gives us a clearer picture of the damage.

The footage reveals a mostly surprisingly calm city peppered with a number of  collapsed buildings and debris. The latest reports claim that up to 860 people were injured in the area and a large number of residents have been evacuated from the area.