Drunk Fishing Is A Real Sport, This Guy Is Its Messi


Belgium – just when you thought all they really brought to the table was chocolate, they go and give us the Drunk Fishing Championship.

And the competition’s aim is exactly what it sounds like – to get absolutely hammered and catch a bunch of fish.

Where most fishing events are hardcore and rely mainly on carefully planned tactics, the Drunk Fishing Championship is more about trying not to drown.

And this guy is the absolute king of it:

It’s not clear how one wins the championship, though. Is it beers drunk + number of fish caught = winner? Is it the last person holding the rod? Is it the first person to vomit? We have no clue.

It is clear, though, that this is a fucking great contest and every country should have it.

I think we’ve all just found a sport we have a chance of being great at.