Drunk Girl In Uber Has Epic Tantrum When She Doesn’t Get Her Way


Footage of a woman having the mother of all tantrums has gone viral online, showing her seriously abusing an Uber driver.


The video opens with the woman being restrained by the driver who requests someone call 911 to prevent her becoming more out of control.

The threat of jail does nothing to deter the woman, who – incredibly – is reportedly a neurologist, from making an absolute show of herself, and she repeatedly tries to attack the driver, even throwing a swift knee in the direction of his groin.


The driver pushes her to the ground and attempts to get away from the scene, but she is quick to her feet and sets about removing his car’s interior, while screaming ‘Get the fuck in the car’.

Check it out:

The definition of ‘Brat’ ladies and gentleman.

The video was captured by Juan Cinco in Miami, Florida, and he claims in the video’s description that the whole affair started because the girl attempted to steal his Uber, and then refused to get out.


He also said that after the clip ended the girl attempted to kick police officers, only apologising once in the back of their cruiser for fear of potentially losing her medical license.

Juan also reported that the driver, despite suffering a tirade of unnecessary abuse, took pity on the drunk woman.

He said:


The Uber driver was too good of a person and decided to take a cash settlement instead of pressing charges. In his words, “…she was crying (and) said (she) was sorry for everything.” I don’t want to disclose the amount the driver was paid, but can say he could only use the money to pay his cellphone bill and maybeee his cable bill.

Some people shouldn’t drink.