Drunk Girl Wanders Into Apartment And Crashes On Couch



A story has emerged on Facebook about the escapades of a drunk woman making herself at home on someone else’s couch. 

It follows on nicely from the lad who walked into the wrong house last month and slept in a strangers bed.

That was probably the calmest interaction between a home owner and intruder I’ve ever seen. Our write up for that story (plus the video) can be found here.

This latest episode of The Walking Drunk was also handled incredibly well by a few calm and considerate lads.

The story via BroBible goes like this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.35.45 pm

Very well done. When people get stone cold hammered the absolute necessity is H20.

A comfy couch is a damn fine thing too.

These guys delivered.


She’ll no doubt be having one of those hungover days where she cringes at herself for having a lack of drunken judgement.