Drunk Idiot Picks Fight With Wrong Bouncer, Gets Savagely Nailed

by : UNILAD on : 23 Sep 2016 16:36


It’s probably safe to say, judging by the difference in build, that this guy wasn’t quite in his right mind when he decided to get into a fight with a massive bouncer.


But for some reason he did, and powered by his lack of shirt and at least a couple of cans of Stella, he got himself into a spot of bother with a much larger man.

At first our shirtless friend gives it all Billy-Big-Bollocks, shadow boxing and prancing like a tit, before giving an attempt at a dummy left jab before trying to land a right hook.

Unfortunately for him, the shot failed to make an impact and before he knew it, his giant opponent caught him with one hell of a shot right in the kisser.


Hitting the deck like a sack of shit, unbelievably the guy doesn’t seem to give up and – even after the big guy gets him in a lovely Crippler Crossface – he keeps thrashing about like a fish out of water.

You’d like to think he won’t try anything like that again but, regrettably, he doesn’t seem like the fastest learner…

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