Drunk Lad Tries To Avoid Parking Ticket In Cheekiest Way Possible

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It’s the Christmas season and that means good will to all men, including traffic wardens.

One lucky lad in Liverpool chanced his hand this week, after going out for a cheeky pint with his work mates. Having had one too many drinks and being unable to move his car, he decided to leave a note for any passing traffic wardens who may chance upon his car.


The note in full read:

Dear Mr/s Traffic Warden,

I will be at my car by 10:30am… Promise!

Please do not book me, I had a Christmas pint with the lads and didn’t want to drink and drive, here is a packet of crisps on me!!

Happy Christmas!!

The note ends with two arrows, one pointing to a present for the traffic warden called ‘traffic warden crisps,’ and the other to an additional note aimed at any hungry passers-by who may try and pinch the warden’s festive treat.

It reads, “If you are not the traffic warden please don’t rob the crisps,” Don’t be that guy… no one likes that guy!”

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The editor of Liverpool Confidential, Angie Sammons, spotted the note and used Twitter to track down the car’s owner.

They report that there were two traffic wardens hovering across the street, checking their watches half an hour before the 10.30am deadline. Although according to Liverpool Confidentials reliable sources ‘a blind eye was turned.’

They left the crisps though… probably prefer salt and vinegar.