Drunk Man Smashes Mercedes Benz Into Rolls Royce Outside Hotel


Is this the most expensive road rage incident of all time?

A man, who’d allegedly been drinking, was caught on camera smashing his Mercedes Benz into a Rolls-Royce in a hotel car park, in what is thought to be a crazed road rage attack which would make even Ronnie Pickering blush.

The bizarre incident reportedly happened outside the five-star Sheraton hotel in Doha, Qatar, as this guy seemingly went on one of the wildest benders of all time, did some laps of the parking lot, smashed his Mercedes into a parked Rolls-Royce, attempted to reverse, and then crashed into the luxury car for a second time. Smooth.

The two-and-a-half minute clip was captured by an eyewitness and uploaded to Live Leak, which may actually land the uploader in hot water since it’s illegal in Qatar to spread material related to a person’s private life.


Oops! Still, who could have actually kept this cracking footage to themselves?

Speaking to WGO Qatar, a spokesperson for the Sheraton Hotel said:

We can confirm that the individual was not a guest of the hotel and no injuries occurred to any guests or associates. The individual was escorted off the local premises by local authorities.

Authorities have since confirmed on Facebook that the driver has been arrested for damaging property.