Drunk Man Tries To Bully Street Performer In Cardiff, Loses


Alcohol is one hell of a drug.

This drunk is testament to that. The guy in question starts harassing a street performer in Cardiff, who’s just trying to make some money busking.

The pisshead comes up behind him and starts dancing around, taking the piss, thinking he’s dead cool and that everyone thinks he’s an absolute top guy with next level jokes when in fact they all just thinks he’s a cunt.


The busker notices him, and as the drunk gets in his face things look like they’re going to kick off. They then actually do kick off when a nearby guy grabs the drunk and puts him in his place – according to the caption it was a man selling bubbles who stepped in.

The drunk then gets in a massive boo, throwing his can of beer at the bubble seller guy and sulking. Luckily the bin man appears just in time for the drunk to dispose of his angrily hurled tinny in the correct manner.

Commentator Aidenx5 points out the perfect timing of the whole incident: “What a comical chain of events. The bin man even magically appeared when the drunk wanted to angrily throw his rubbish.”

You’re not cool mate, no one thinks you’re cool – they all think you’re a bellend.