Drunk Men Break Woman’s Leg Because She Asked Them To


WARNING: Distressing footage


Shocking footage shows two reportedly drunk men breaking a woman’s leg after she asked them to.

Three Russians were involved in the incident, which allegedly saw two drunk men break the leg of another allegedly intoxicated women, when she requested the pair carry out this truly horrifying act, reports the Mirror.

As one man pins the woman down, another uses a nearby railing as support, in order to jump on the woman’s leg, apparently breaking it at the knee.


The unidentified woman propped her foot up on a park bench so the men could carry out her request.

This violent, bloody display of idiocy and voluntary mutilation occurred in a park in the city of Nizhny Tagil in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, just east of the border between Europe and Asia.

A neighbour, who lives in a block of flats overlooking the park, told Tagilcity.ru:

People drink there near the entrance every summer, but someone having their leg broken – with their consent – that is something new and completely mad.


The video shows how the woman’s leg breaks at the knee in a bloody mess – constituting some of the most distressing scenes of violence.

You can watch the footage of the sickening act below:

Locals have speculated the woman must have been attempting to avoid some other ordeal by voluntarily putting herself through such a brutal punishment, according to the Mirror.

You can’t help but wonder what sort of harm the incident caused – and what the women must be going through to submit herself willingly to such unfathomable pain.