Drunk Passenger Attacks Uber Driver, Gets Maced In The Face

Edward Caban/YouTube

Uber have proven quite a divisive company in terms of their public reputation, with the vetting of drivers being criticised. Well the video you are about to see demonstrates the risk taken by drivers in dealing with the public.

Edward Caban had a camera mounted into his vehicle that captured the incident from start to finish as he dealt with a drunken, uncooperative, and violent passenger.

The problems start when the man on the backseat is unable to provide accurate directions due to his inebriation, and since he has already failed to provide the precise destination, the driver can’t even put his sat nav to proper use.

After being thrown around the back seat as a result of ignoring his seat belt, Edward ends the trip and tells the passenger to get out of his car.

Edward Caban/YouTube

Sensing the tension, Edward points the camera at his customer and sneakily hides a bottle of pepper spray under his leg.

His suspicions prove well-founded as the drunk man slaps the driver in the back of the head, punches him, and pulls his hair, only stopping to put his cap back on.

Spotting his window of opportunity, Edward then maces the guy at virtually point blank range, directly to the eyes.

Check it out for yourself:


A bit of mace resolved the immediate issue, but Edward’s Youtube channel also reported that the violent passenger was arrested.