Drunk Woman Physically Abuses Police And Soon Regrets That Decision


When the police tell you to back off, it’s probably a good idea to do as they say.

This woman learned the hard way that cops, reportedly in Australia, do not issue empty threats.

Having seen her brother forcefully resist arrest, going so far as to try and bodyslam an officer, she stepped in.

She screams ‘what the fuck has he done?’ to the officers, before then slapping one of them in the face.

Remarkably, the officers do not rise to the strike, and repeatedly warn her to back off under threat of pepper spray.

She doesn’t listen…

More often than not the world is presented with stories of police using force unnecessarily, but on this occasion they genuinely appear to want to avoid macing the woman if possible.

The footage has been viewed over 87,000 times since being uploaded on Sunday, with most viewers noting the girl was out of line.