Drunk Woman Live Streams Herself Driving On Periscope, Gets Arrested

by : UNILAD on : 13 Oct 2015 21:45

Talk about making the police’s job easier – this drink driving woman was tracked down by the cops after she live streamed her antics behind the wheel on Periscope.


Whitney Beall, 23, filmed her wild drive through Lakeland, Florida on her phone, repeatedly telling everyone how drunk she was and how she couldn’t see properly. Smooth.

Although some Periscope users were convinced that the stunt was fake (because who would be stupid enough to actually post a video online in which they outright say “I’m driving home drunk”, right?), many others contacted the police and urged her to pull over and stop driving.

And, yes, the whole ridiculous thing turned out to be very much real and, eventually, an officer managed to track Beall down after he logged into his own Periscope account and figured out where she was.


Beall, who was driving with a flat tyre, was arrested after hitting the curb when officers tried to pull her over.

At the start of the video she wondered if she’d get a DUI and, spoiler alert, she did. She refused the police breathalyser test and was eventually charged with driving under the influence. Only in Florida…

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