Drunk Woman Wanted To Stroke Tiger, Tiger Had Other Ideas


A woman in Omaha has been bitten by a tiger after drunkenly sneaking into a zoo on Halloween to give him a pat on the head. 

Jacqueline Eide, 33, is said to have severe injuries to her hand, and may lose some of her fingers, after reaching into the tiger’s cage to give it a quick stroke after trespassing into Henry Doorly Zoo. Needless to say, the tiger at Henry Doorly Zoo reacted like a wild animal would naturally react, and had a go at her hand.

Friends rushed Eide to a nearby hospital, where it’s reported she became hostile and violent towards staff, who believed she was on drugs. Police were called, and she is now facing charges of criminal trespassing.

The zoo has confirmed they believe their 18-year-old Malayan tiger Mai was responsible for giving Jacqueline the mother of all hangover cures, and said the safety measures at the zoo are already pretty decent, with more work being planned to stop dipshits doing stupid things like, I dunno, sticking their hand in a caged tiger’s face.

Henry Doorly Zoo

It’s amazing that this even needs to be said, but for the love of Tony the Tiger, don’t poke your extremities at animals. No matter how fluffy they look.