‘Drunkn Bar Fight’ is The VR Game We’ve All Been Waiting For

The Munky

Virtual Reality has barely had time to establish itself as a form of entertainment but it looks like we may already have a VR game that’s considered a classic.

For every gamer there’s always one video game which will define a genre, for stealth fans it’s Metal Gear Solid, RPG fans will say either Diablo or Final Fantasy VII, FPS-lovers will debate over Goldeneye, Doom and Halo – sorry CoD fanboys.

While VR gaming is still a new concept, which still has many kinks to work out before it becomes truly immersive, one game which is catching the hearts and imaginations of gamers everywhere comes in the form of Drunkn Bar Fight – and yes that is how you actually spell it.

An unlikely source, and to a gaming purist perhaps the biggest insult to gaming since E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by Atari or 2003’s Ride to Hell: Retribution, but hear us out. Isn’t gameplay in VR akin to a drunken night out on the town anyway?

Think about it, your controls are all over the place, you get motion sickness – making you want to throw up, and you usually think to yourself ‘I’m paying way too much for this to even be considered fun anymore’. See, you don’t even know if I’m referring to the game or a night out on the lash anymore.

But I digress – Drunkn Bar Fight, developed by indie studio The Munky, is a game which takes place in your virtual local drinking establishment. It encourages you to get balls to the walls drunk – or ‘sh*tfaced’ as is commonly referred to, and start fights with the bar/pubs patrons – who may, or may not, be as inebriated as you.

True to its title, the character you’re in control of has the speed and grace of Jackie Chan’s character in the kung-fu classic Drunken Master (go watch it, it’s highly recommended), albeit none of his martial arts mastery. And you can channel your inner WWE Attitude era wrestler by using foreign objects, from bar stools to beer bottles and darts, to incapacitate your opponent.

The environments are interactive too as you can toss your opponent around the bar, chuck them out of the window or smash them into the jukebox – because let’s be honest, it’s the only way you can stop it from repeatedly playing Suspicious Minds.

When you think about it, it’s the ideal work out and if you are looking for a way to let out repressed anger then you can do a lot worse than this game.

The Munky

Also if you’ve never been in an actual bar fight and you want to see what the fuss is about, without the risk of injury or a criminal record, this is the perfect experience.

Drunkn Bar Fight is available now for early access on Steam for £8.99, you can purchase it by clicking here.