Dubai Unveils Insane New Amusement Park In Video

Mideast Emirates Dubai Amusement ParksPA

Move over, Disney World.

Dubai Parks & Resorts will be opening a $2.8 billion (close to £2 billion) project in October, and the architectural model was unveiled on Tuesday. There will be a LEGOLAND theme park and water park, Taj Mahal theatre, and tons of movie-inspired attractions.

According to the park’s website, it will be spread across 25 million square feet and hold 100 attractions in total.

Think Disney World meets the Middle East.

Mideast Emirates Dubai Amusement ParksPA

Dubai’s airport currently holds the record for number of travellers arriving, departing or passing through it, reports Mashable.

And although the city is more often considered a layover, officials say they want more people to visit the city as a destination, hoping to attract 20 million visitors by 2020.

They’ve even called it ‘the ultimate year-round international tourist destination’ – and it just might be.

The sneak-peak video shows the full scale of what the amusement park will look like – and according to developers and Raed Al Nuaimi, the park’s CEO, nothing like this has ever been done before.

This may just give Disney a run for their money.