Dutch Police Investigating ‘Murder Victim’ Realise It’s Actually A Snowman

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Dutch Police Investigating 'Murder Victim' Realise It's Actually A SnowmanPolitie Amsterdam

In what will probably go down as the shortest murder investigation in history, police in Amsterdam discovered the dead victim they had stumbled across was actually a snowman.

Officers had approached what they believed to be a body lying on the floor while on patrol in the city’s Oosterpark area.


As they got closer to the body, they realised it was, in fact, a snowman that had been built lying on the floor with its arms and legs spread.

Politie Amsterdam

‘On Tuesday evening, officers in a car were patrolling through the Oosterpark, until they suddenly saw a person lying lifeless on the ground in the distance,’ Amsterdam police wrote on Facebook.

‘A victim of a crime? Did someone get unwell? After our colleagues approached the ‘body’ they saw that police tape or an ambulance would not be needed. It was actually a handsome piece of ‘snow art’, including a carrot nose! At least the colleagues could laugh a lot about it,’ it added.


This week, the Netherlands issued its first nationwide ‘code red’ alert in nine years, as heavy snow and strong winds continue to engulf the country.

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Police ‘Not Reaching Pouches’ Branded ‘Don’t Murder Me’ Bags

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The warning comes as eight inches of snow and icy winds of up to 56 miles an hour were expected this week

As a result, all Dutch coronavirus facilities were closed on Sunday, February 7, and train services were cut to minimum service.


Amsterdam’s city council also closed all canal locks in the hope that ice skating, a well-loved winter activity in the Netherlands, might be possible during the week.

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