Dutch Schoolgirl Fools Entire City Into Thinking She’s Ariana Grande


A Dutch schoolgirl managed to fool an entire city into thinking she was Ariana Grande.

Joelle, a schoolgirl from the Netherlands was flown to Ireland by Twin Strangers after she joined the site to find her double and was matched to – unsurprisingly – Ariana Grande.

With the help of the doppleganger website, they were able to pull off the elaborate and seemingly impossible prank – and fooled everyone in Dublin.


Despite being 15 years old, she was able to convince Dubliners that the world famous pop star had arrived in their city.

But while from some angles the similarity between the two is uncanny, the resemblance is a bit of a stretch at times – especially because Joelle has braces – but she pulled it off, taking photos with screaming teenagers and even attracting the paparazzi.

Joelle said: “I was nervous, but excited. It was a chance to do something really different and I had to say yes.”

As she was too young to travel on her own, her older sister agreed to bring her to the Irish capital, the Daily Mail reports.

When they arrived, Twin Strangers leaked a photo of ‘Ariana Grande’ arriving in Dublin Airport, set Joelle up in a luxury hotel, had her make-up done and clothes styled, and sent her on her way in a limo with two bodyguards.

By the time she arrived at her hotel, paparazzi and fans were crowding the entrance – and it seemed as though no-one could actually tell the difference.


But pretending to be a popstar has its downfalls, and the worst one in this prank has to be that a mother and her three young children traveled all the way from Switzerland just to see ‘Ariana Grande’ aka Joelle. Brutal.

Let’s hope they were already in Dublin and the encounter was merely a coincidence.