Dying Dad Defies Doctors And Lives To Hold New Born Son


Terminally ill Cagney Wenk was able to cradle his new-born son weeks after doctors gave him only days to live.

Cagney, who has brain cancer, defied medical experts and held out long enough to meet his son Levon for the first time, the Mirror reports.

Before the birth, the 26-year-old had three brain surgeries, and was being treated in the intensive care unit at Boulder Community Hospital in Colorado.


Cagney’s partner Jessica gave birth at 2.12am, and the couple got to welcome their son into the world together after Cagney was whisked to the delivery room in time to cut the cord.

The video tells the bittersweet story of Levon’s birth with Cagney’s tragic news.

baby1Cagney and Jessica - Youtube

His surgery means that his vision is impaired, but his reaction to hearing, smelling, and feeling his new baby is incredibly emotional.

Cagney says: “We have all the love in the world around us right now,”  holding Jessica’s after the birth.

The video, made by Sarah Boccolucci Photography, has been seen more than 123,000 times in a week, and urges people to donate to the struggling family on a Give Forward fund online.


Almost $20,000 has been raised so far – around £15,436 – to pay for assistance with medical treatment and hospital bills, helping with the medical costs associated with the new baby.

Our hearts go out to the new family who face a difficult period ahead.