Dylann Roof’s Diary Gives Chilling Insight Into The Mind Of A Killer

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Horrific writings by the Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof have been revealed by prosecutors at his death penalty trial.


His handwritten diary, which was found in his car, alongside a two-hour confession were introduced as evidence on Friday, the Daily Mail reports.

“How could our faces, skin color and body structure be so different, but our brains exactly the same?’ Roof wrote in one of the diary entries.

In another passage, he said he wanted a full out race war to break out and was in favour of bringing back segregation- alongside other more shocking moves.


He said:

I would love for there to be a race war. I wont lie, I think every white nationalist dreams of a race war even if they deny it. But Im not sure we even need to have one. Ideally we could simply take control of the government, and inact laws in order to get thing under control. I would personally be content with reinstating segregation and punishing certain individuals as need be. Although we would also need to put a forced sterilization program and deportation program in place at the same time.

In the confession video, Roof laughed repeatedly and made gun motions as he described the massacre which left nine people dead at a church bible study.

“Uh, I did it, I killed them, Well, I killed them, I guess,” Roof chuckled.

He explained that he wanted to leave one person alive to tell the tale and complained about his victims ‘complicating things’ by hiding under tables.


Originally Roof planned to shoot drug dealers, but was concerned that they might shoot back at him.

So he instead chose Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in June last year as he thought there wouldn’t be any white people there and they would be less likely to fight back.

“I knew that would be a place to get a small amount of black people in one area. They’re in church. They weren’t criminals or anything,” Roof said.

When FBI agents told him how many people he killed, he replied: “There wasn’t even that many people in there. Are you lying to me?”

After being told more details, an agent asked how he felt to which he replied: “Well, it makes me feel bad,” who earlier guessed he might have killed five.

He said his motive behind killing black people was because he believed they raped white women on a daily basis.


Roof’s lawyers admit that he carried out the attack, but are now trying to convince jurors to spare his life.

He planned the shooting meticulously, carrying eight magazines which could hold 13 rounds each- but instead loaded only 11 each so he could shoot 88 times.

This was apparently because 88 is a number that is deeply respected among white supremacists, standing for ‘Heil Hitler’ because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.


Roof said he left bullets so he could kill himself afterwards, but soon changed his mind when he didn’t see any police quickly respond.

He wrote:

I planned and went about it completely alone. I repeat, do not try and punish other people for my actions because you couldn’t punish me.

I am not doing this to fight for what white people are, but rather what I know we have the potential to be.

The trial continues.

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    'I would love for there to be a race war': Newly-revealed journal of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof shows his obsession with white nationalism and the Trayvon Martin case