Dylann Roof’s Sister Arrested After Bringing Weapons to School

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Richland County Detention Center

A sister of Dylann Roof, the man who shot nine black church attendees in South Carolina, was arrested for bringing weapons into her high school, according to reports.


Morgan Roof, 18, was arrested for taking a knife, pepper spray and marijuana into her school, according to The New York Times.

She was arrested on both drugs and weapons charges at her high school and taken to a detention centre.

Sheriff Leon Lott said in a statement that the school resource officer was notified by an administrator that Roof was in possession of these items.


He said:

Roof had also made a social media post on Snapchat which caused alarm to the student body.

The Snapchat post reportedly expressed a hope that students who were engaging in the school walk out to protest gun violence would be shot.


The Snapchat read:

I hope it’s a trap and y’all get shot. Your [sic] walking out for the allowed time of 17 min, they are letting you do this.

Nothing is gonna change what tf you think it’s gonna do? We know it’s fixing to be nothing but black people walking out anyway.


Ms Roof was taken the the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Centre in Columbia, and her bond was reportedly set at $5,000.


Initial reports did not specify whether that bond had been paid or even whether she had legal representation. Her parents did not respond to requests for comment.

The Snapchat was not the reason for the arrest, but Susan Childs, the principal of Roof’s high school, said in a letter to parents that there had been several events which had ’caused disruption’.

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The letter reads:

In a separate situation, a student used social media to post a hateful message. The posting was not a threat, but was extremely inappropriate.

That student was dealt with in a swift and severe manner as the posting caused quite a disruption.

In an isolated incident yesterday, administration was notified that there was possibly a weapon on campus. Through diligent work from the Assistant Principals and the School Resource Officers, an unloaded weapon was recovered.

The investigation of this matter involves law enforcement as well as school officials. Discipline for students involved will follow the Richland One Code of Conduct.

The sheriff’s department said that in a separate case, two students were arrested after a handgun was found on school grounds on Tuesday.

Henry McMaster, Governer of South Carolina, tweeted:

Potential tragedy was avoided at AC Flora High School. In two separate invidents, students and educators reacted quickly to reports of suspicious activity and behaviour to their Richland County Sheriff’s Department school resource officer.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all involved who acted so quickly and decisively. For months, I have called on the General Assembly to join me in placing a trained, certified police officer in every school, in every county, all day, every day.

We don’t need anymore legislative study committees, debates, or deliberation, we know what we need to do and we need action now. Today was proof positive.

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Dylann Roof shot nine people dead at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston in 2015.


The massacre occurred during a routine Bible study, when Roof, an avowed white supremacist, opened fire with a hand gun. He has been sentenced to death.

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