E.R. Doctor Slams Blue Angel Flyovers As Waste Of Money To Make Trump Look Good

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 17 May 2020 18:13


An emergency room doctor in America has slammed the United States government for spending millions of dollars on Blue Angels flyovers while medics are still without personal protective gear.

The doctor, who goes by the name of Dr Bill, has laid into President Donald Trump, saying the flyovers are merely there to make him look good, while medical workers are still being forced to wear painters masks and people on the streets go hungry without food.


Although Dr Bill doesn’t say where he works, one thing is clear in that he isn’t happy about the flyovers by the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds, which are supposedly in place to salute health care workers in various different US cities.

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He says that the cost of one of these flyovers amounts to an eye-watering $450,000 for the Blue Angels and a further $450,000 for the Thunderbirds, too. The Air Force and Navy pilots have even been drawing in big crowds on the ground below to see their flyovers, which again, flies in the face of the battle against the pandemic as people flaunt social distancing rules to see the show.

Dr Bill has branded the showy events as shameful and a waste of taxpayers’ money, when he believes that money should be better spent on providing medical workers with the correct protection to safely treat patients who spilling into the already over-stretched health service as a result of the current health crisis.

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In the clip, which has since gone viral, Dr Bill explained that he is ‘as patriotic as the next guy’, but that the flyovers are a complete waste of money.

Holding up a white mask, he says down the camera:

You want to help health care workers? These are the god damn N-95 masks that we have to deal with, they’re painters masks. Get us equipment, get us PPE, get us N-95 masks that are worth anything, get us tests for everybody, okay?

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He went on to say that spending such a huge sum of money was purely to make President Trump look good, and instead suggested using it to get food for the people who have nothing to eat.

‘Help the food care workers who are working, help the service industry people, don’t fly over and say “aren’t they great?” Come on, let’s get real,’ he said.

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