Eagle’s First Flight Captured On Incredible Live Stream

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

Ever wondered what a bird’s first flight looks like?

In Florida, a state-famous baby bird called E9 is expected to take its initial flight – and we can all watch a live video stream of it.

The baby eagle is the only eaglet this season to parents Harriet and M15, and within the next few weeks, it’ll be flying for the first time.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

Seventy-two days old as of Monday, E9 branched for the first time last week and is now set to take flight – or ‘fledge’ – any day.

Once that flight takes place, E9, who hatched on New Years Day, will spend up to six weeks practising flight skills while learning to hunt and survive without help from its parents.

If watching baby eagles transition into incredible birds of prey is your thing, you can watch it all on three high definition positioned around the nest cameras thanks to Southwest Florida Eagle Cam.

Watch the live stream below:


Since it’s inception in 2012, the Eagle Cam has received more than 60 million views from more than 190 different countries worldwide.

And E9’s first flight – an extremely rare event to be able to watch – is likely to bring in a huge crowd.