Eagles Of Death Metal Discussion About Paris Attacks Is Released



Vice has interviewed the Eagles of Death Metal about their experience in Paris. It’s the most emotional interview I’ve watched in a long time. Possibly ever.  

The video goes for half an hour and different members of the band describe their personal experiences during the attack in the Bataclan Theatre.

It’s heart-wrenching to watch because the band members are still deep in the throes of grief.

I think my tear ducts first watered at 9 minutes, then gave way at 14 minutes, and from there I was a mess until the 26 minute mark.

Despite the sadness, grief, and gruesomeness of the situation the band is staying strong and each member is determined to stay connected to the Parisian fans. They are determined on a whole to stay connected to humanity through their music.

I have so much respect for these guys and their outlook. I have so much respect for their courage to go through with this interview when they are in such an emotional, vulnerable state.

Here is the video in its entirety:

If you would like to support and help victims of the Paris tragedy visit the site recommended at the end of the video.

I would also love to see musicians from around the globe cover the Eagles of Death Metal song “I love you all the time.”

The band mentions at 21-minutes into the video that if artists wish to cover that song, to shed some love on this tragedy, all the royalties should then go to victims and their families. The band challenges music publishers like Apple, Spotify, Amazon to get involved.