Early Suicide Squad Reactions Are Extremely Positive

suicide squad featuredWarner Bros.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice worried many fans that Warner Bros don’t know what they’re doing with their super heroes, but it seems they do know what to do with their super villains.

Early buzz for the third instalment in the DC cinematic universe, Suicide Squad, has been overwhelmingly positive, which will no doubt come as sweet relief to those disappointed by Zack Snyder’s boring brawlers, The Independent reports.

Suicide_Squad_in_the_2016_filmWarner Bros

Suicide Squad has always had a lot of potential, seeming fun and irreverent compared to DC’s usual po-faced films, which like a delusional teen, are usually too busy trying to seem grown up to realise how bad they really are.

We’ve heard a lot about the cast’s unusual methods of getting into character including Cara Delevingne wandering around naked, and of course Jared Leto’s infamous gifts, which has lent the film an aura of mystique.

Now, a lucky few have seen the film, and things look very promising.


Hopefully, this will also dismiss the conspiracy theory that film journalists were being paid by Marvel to slam their rivals over at DC.

That said, the early buzz around BvS was good and look how that turned out