Eating Lots Of Cheese And Meat Could Be Secret To Long Life


This is it, the study we’ve all been waiting for. Apparently eating lots of cheese, meat and butter is the secret to a longer life, and low-fat diets are not.

A major new study found low-fat diets could actually increase the risk of an early death by ‘almost a quarter’. Say what?

This wonderful research was carried out as part of the Lancet study, which looked at 135,000 adults and finding those who cut out fats had ‘far shorter lives’ than those enjoying plenty of butter, cheese and meats, writes the Telegraph.


Researchers said the study was at odds with repeated health advice to cut down on fats and those who followed the advice tended to eat ‘far too much stodgy food like bread, pasta and rice’.

Those who ate the highest levels of carbs, refined sugars found in fizzy drinks, processed meals, faced a 28 per cent higher risk of early death.

While the NHS warns people against having too much saturated fat, the latest research found those who had a lower intake raised their chances of an early death by 13 per cent compared to those eating ‘plenty’.

Researcher Dr Andrew Mente, from McMaster University, said:

Our data suggests that low fat diets put populations at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Loosening the restriction on total fat and saturated fat and imposing limits on carbohydrates when high to reduce intake to moderate levels would be optimal.


According to Dr Mente, achieving the balance of fats and carbs in your diet – adding, around 35 per cent of calories should come from fats.

Pass me the meat, cheese and butter. Now!