Ed Sheeran And Jimmy Fallon Covering ‘Shape Of You’ Using Classroom Instruments Is Amazing


From lending his girlfriend his shoes to randomly turning up at hockey matches, whatever Ed Sheeran does seems to be pretty big news nowadays.

And during an appearance on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show Mr Sheeran yet again stole the show as he schooled host Jimmy Fallon in the art of the classroom band.

Ed joined Jimmy and his house band, The Roots, for a funked up version of his latest crowd-pleasing hit, Shape of You, reports The Huffington Post.

Check out the performance here:

With Ed ripping it up on the banana shaker – and of course providing lead vocal – Fallon takes on keyboard and percussion duties.

Various other members of the band turn their hand to ukuleles, kazoos, tiny tambourines, bongos, xylophones and even a melodica (the greatest of all the school room instruments) and it’s fair to say they absolutely nail it.

The performance really puts the majority of school music lessons to shame, pretty much all we managed to achieve was constantly hitting the demo button on the Casio keyboards…

Not to put Ed’s solo talents or those of his record producers down, but I know which version of this tune i’m going to be listening to from now on…