Ed Sheeran’s Leaked Glastonbury Rider Demands Are Brilliant

by : UNILAD on : 22 Jun 2017 10:25

Ed Sheeran has requested his rider ahead of his Sunday night headline slot at Glastonbury and it turns out, shockingly, he’s rather modest.


We’ve all heard of stars making ridiculously indulgent demands, from certain room temperatures, to furniture in particular positions and of course multiple bottles of Champagne.

But it seems Ed, who perhaps has the best slot of the festival, headlining the Pyramid Stage to close Glasto on Sunday night, has simple tastes.

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In Ed’s rider, which has reportedly been leaked, he has apparently asked for some absolute classics – a bottle of Robinsons fruit squash, a six-pack of Coca-Cola, a six-pack of Diet Coke, a six-pack of Fanta Orange, a six-pack of Sprite, and a jar of Manuka honey.


The Daily Star added up the estimated total cost for Ed’s rider and found it would only cost organisers £57.31. High roller!

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Katy Perry, who will be on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday evening, has reportedly asked for freeze-dried strawberries, pitta bread and salsa, with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a bottle of Sprite.

Now, that may not sound like much, but if it’s the same 45-page rider as the one she asked for in 2011, she would allegedly have asked for two cream-coloured egg chairs, a fridge with a glass door, ornate French lamps, someone to wash and cut her fruit and vegetables… ey?


And according to Daily Mail, Charlie XCX has asked for two disposable cameras, two packs of pink balloons (to be blown up and on the floor of the dressing room), one pack of party poppers/streamers (popped over the floor of the dressing room), four bottles of champagne, two bottles of Grey Goose vodka, one bottle of Perrier sparkling water and multiple flavours of La Croix sparkling water.


This is why we love Ed.

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