EDL Founder Tommy Robinson Filmed Sucker-Punching Migrant In The Face

by : Francesca Donovan on : 11 Mar 2018 09:56
Tommy Robinson/Facebook

Far-right thug Tommy Robinson is still proud as punch – literally – of his own abhorrent, criminal, racially-motivated behaviour.


So much so, the English Defence League co-founder has voluntarily released a video of himself attacking a man believed to be a migrant, proving once and for all he’s a massive twerp who believes his own hype.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was in Rome to spread bile during the Italian elections when he punched a man in the face, after he claims he was ‘set upon’.

Tommy Robinson/Facebook

The altercation, located in what he described as a ‘no-go zone’, began with the migrant’s clear distress at being filmed as he walks towards Robinson and his camera crew saying, ‘You can not’.


During the heated exchange, 35-year-old Robinson threatens the man by saying he would ‘put him to sleep’ for touching the cameras.

You can watch the scene unfold below:

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We went to film a no go zone in Italy and we were quickly attacked by Migrants trying to break our camera and threatening to kill us. PLEASE SHARE

Posted by Tommy Robinson on Friday, 9 March 2018

Before the punch is thrown, Robinson tells the migrant:

There is only one way this is going to go. You’re going to end up knocked down unconscious. ‘I’ll put you to sleep, bruv. I’ll put you to sleep.

As the man continues to protest, he says ‘keep your life’, which the already riled Robinson illogically interprets as a death threat. Robinson then throws a right hook which catches his adversary on the jaw.

Tommy Robinson/Facebook

Police then arrive at the scene to split the two parties, and Robinson ends up leaving the area in a car before giving the cops a quick thumbs up for letting him go unpunished for an alleged assault.


Nobody was arrested.

Hilariously, Robinson seems to believe this display of playground tactics qualifies as political activism. Newsflash: It doesn’t. It’s just violent bullying filmed to incite hatred.

Tommy Robinson/Facebook

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, in the aftermath of his unprovoked assault, Robinson criticises the so-called ‘readiness with which these migrants are willing to attack’, blissfully unaware of the tragic double standard.

It comes just days after Robinson filmed the moment he claims he was attacked by a group of ‘left-wing extremists’ outside a McDonald’s in Haringey, London.

Tommy Robinson/Facebook

He exits the fast food chain swinging, in the footage which was shared online, moments after asking if the group of unidentified masked men wanted to go ‘one on one’.

The video – which some have alleged was staged – shows punches and kicks thrown from both sides:

Violent Left Wing Extremists Attack My Camera Crew

Masked gangs of Far left ANTIFA Fascists attack me and my female camera crew in London. The police refuse to even check the CCTV. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn5RtDC-roI&t=24s

Posted by Tommy Robinson on Saturday, 10 March 2018

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said:

Police were called at approximately 3.45pm on Saturday, March 10 to reports of a disturbance on Green Lanes, N15.

Officers attended and spoke with a 35-year-old man who alleged that he had been the victim of an assault. He did not require hospital treatment. There have been no arrests and enquiries continue.


Piers Morgan went toe-to-toe with Robinson on Good Morning Britain:

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Meanwhile, Robinson continues to provoke and antagonise online, as he boasts and jokes about his penchant for ‘scrapping’.

The Luton-born ‘journalist’ said:

I’ve done more scrapping as a journalist than I did going football.

Robinson previously founded the European Defence League as well as being co-founder and spokesman for the English Defence League.

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