EDL March Upstaged By A ‘Best Of British’ Tea Party

by : UNILAD on : 09 Mar 2017 16:19

As the prejudiced English Defence League (EDL) demonstrators waded into Birmingham town centre to drink beer and mindlessly chant hate for a purpose that most of them are oblivious to, they weren’t expecting to be upstaged by a Mosque’s tea party.


The far-right hate group planned a parade around the city, and in response, the community at the Birmingham Central Mosque organised a ‘Best of British’ tea party, open to all.

The public were faced with a choice: cake, tea and inclusivity, or hostile exclusion and anger.



The mosque’s tea party was a hit and about 300 people from all walks of life attended to stand together, enjoy the cake, and naturally upstage the hateful demo going on outside.


On its website, the mosque wrote:

While the English Defence League and counter demonstrators protest elsewhere in the city, the mosque will be open to all and serving tea, coffee and cakes while draped in bunting and Union Flags.

The tea party will start at 11am and the general public are invited to attend and enjoy a cuppa and a chat with their neighbours


The mosque’s chairman, Muhammad Afzal, said to the Guardian:

We are just holding this event to show EDL that Birmingham is a peaceful city and we are all united irrespective of colour, race or religion.

Everyone’s hero at this rally was this woman who smiled with confidence in the face of an aggressive EDL member.


The EDL demonstration amounted to little more than a pub piss up after just 100 aggressors turned up and made negligent impact.

Fight hate with love…and cake.

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    Birmingham mosque counters EDL rally with ‘best of British’ tea party