Teen Girls Add Edward Snowden To Group Chat Without Knowing Who He Is


Edward Snowden, and a string of other famous faces, were randomly added to a Twitter DM chat with a bunch of teenagers, and the conversation went hilariously.

As reported by Distractify, Snowden, along with football coach Les Miles, Robert James Hamilton, and writer Dave Lozo were all included and probably pretty confused.

Lozo, who gained permission to take screenshots, was mightily intrigued at the prospect of gaining some genuine tween insight.

His Twitter name, Davril Lavignezo, somewhat sidetracked the conversation, however.

It was an opportunity he could not let pass by, so he set about asking the big questions…

Bad news for Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift it seems.

There were other concerns Lozo wanted the girls to weigh in on too.

He then started to educate them on who they had invited to chat.

But he didn’t want to be the only big name to speak.

The tweens were more than a little lost when it came to identifying the former intelligence agent.

But he soon found the courage speak out once more.

Before tactfully explaining why his presence was not at all advised.

Snowden signed off with this bombshell:

Hahaha. You guys are the best, but yeah. The FBI does have a warrant on me, so you might not want to include me in your DMs unless you want them to have copies of them. Stay free out there.

Yeah, probably for the best.