Edward Snowden ‘Supporter’ Trolls TV Anchor By Defending Edward Scissorhands


This clip showcases some world class trolling, and also highlights how little some TV anchors actually listen to their guests.

US network HLN invited comedian Jon Hendren to discuss Edward Snowden recently joining Twitter. The NSA whistleblower and fugitive caused a stir earlier this week when he signed up to the social media site, choosing to only follow the official account of the National Security Agency, much to people’s amusement.

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Hendren was invited on as a Snowden supporter, to say why the NSA whistleblower should be allowed to join Twitter when the site bans the accounts of terrorists. Host Yasmin Vossoughian asks why he should be treated differently if his leaks potentially put people’s lives in danger.

Then the trolling begins, and the comedian goes through the interview referring to fictional character Edward Scissorhands instead of Snowden, without getting called up on it once.