Eerie Footage Shows Possessed Teddy Climbing On Top Of Sleeping Child


A freaky video of a teddy seemingly climbing on top of a sleeping child has emerged online, sending shivers down the spine of the Internet.

The sinister footage was captured on a conveniently placed infra-red baby monitor and shows the bear seemingly moving as if it’s alive while a young girl sleeps, The Daily Star reports.

It’s thought that the eerie clip was filmed in India but we don’t know who posted it to YouTube, just that it’s been doing the rounds on Chinese media, who’ve apparently been perplexed by the whole thing.


While it may look like something out of Paranormal Activity or Child’s Play, some people think there may be something else going on in the video, claiming it must be fake.

One commented that the clip is fake, saying: “There is someone under the bed.” However, one commenter was convinced saying this is ‘really good’.

Real or not, I think we can all agree that it’s a bit spooky. Like a more sinister Toy Story