Egyptian Singer ‘Kidnapped’ In ISIS Prank Could Be The Worst Thing Ever


Warped pranksters took a joke way to far when they convinced an Egyptian singer that she was being kidnapped by Daesh fighters. 

Heba Magdi, an Egyptian actress/singer was left distraught when ‘terrorists’ waved guns about and threatened to make her wear a ‘suicide vest’, but what she didn’t know was that she was the victim of a cruel prank.

The footage, which was actually part of an Egyptian TV programme, and not a real attack, shows Magdi in floods of tears as the fake jihadis force her to speak to a camera while putting up the terror group’s infamous black flag, The Mirror reports.


The dick head TV pranksters had their faces covered by balaclavas while some wandered around the room armed with guns.

When one of the ‘terrorists’ pointed what looks like a machine gun at her head, the terrified actress can be seen crying and trying to cover her face as the hidden cameras record her pleading for her life.

A man with a ‘suicide vest’ then tried to force the actress to wear the deadly waistcoat and she screams in terror while trying to hide behind a chair.


All hell breaks loose when the vest is knocked from the man’s hand and the people in the room try and escape.

As the fake explosions go off, shouts and screams can be heard with poor Magdi trying to get away from the fighting.

Finally, one of the men brings her ordeal to an end when he sits down with the actress and tells her that it was just a prank.

Is it just me or is this both incredibly unfunny and one of the cruellest things you could do to a person?