Eight Foot Shark Caught By Fisherman Off Coast Of Sunderland

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A fisherman in Sunderland was shocked to discover an eight-foot shark on the end of his line when he reeled it in.

Mark Turnbull, a 54-year-old civil engineer who enjoys fishing in his spare time, was 18 miles away from the shore with his line in the water when he felt a heavy tug.

He then spent over two hours pulling the huge beast to the surface.

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Turnbull said: “It was way too heavy, but you can estimate its weight from the length and girth. It was at least eight feet long so I reckon it was somewhere between 450 and 550lbs.

“I was exhausted. It was like pulling a car in. The porbeagle is the second fastest shark. It goes off like a torpedo and it put up quite a fight so it feels amazing to have reeled it in.”

After taking photographic evidence of his catch he threw it back into the ocean. To be fair I’m not sure anyone would want to share a boat with a shark; we’ve all seen Jaws…

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