El Chapo’s Sons Have An Ominous Warning For Mexican Government

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jan 2016 18:40
Ivan Guzman/Twitter

The story of notorious drug lord El Chapo has just taken another interesting twist.


El Chapo was caught on Friday, then it emerged his ego had perhaps got the better of him, then Sean Penn got dragged into the whole mess.

Well now it is the turn of El Chapo’s sons to have their say, and it may just have Mexican authorities feeling slightly concerned.

Taking to Twitter Ivan and Alfredo Guzman had ominous warnings for their government.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Ivan’s first tweet is straight to the point, reading ‘Fuck Your Mother’.


He then followed that with a very threatening retweet of an earlier message, which once translated reads ‘You don’t know what you’ve done or the mess you got yourselves into.’

Then it was the turn of brother Alfredo to have his say.

This tweet reads ‘I can be a saint if you’re dealing fairly with me, but otherwise I’m poison and the Government will soon know about the Guzmans.’

I’m sure the government already does know about the Guzmans, and would be foolish to forget about them anytime soon having returned El Chapo to the same prison he escaped from last July.

Alfredo also suggested that his older brother Ivan is the heir to his father’s empire, with this tweet reading ‘As my dad says, if I’m not around, [Ivan Archivaldo Guzman] will be there to be respected so as long as there’s life there’s hope, dudes.’

So if these warnings are anything to go by the El Chapo saga shows no signs of ending soon, despite his imprisonment.


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  1. Daily Mail

    'You don't know the mess you got yourselves into': El Chapo's furious two sons surface to threaten the Mexican government' after their father's shocking arrest