Elderly Polish Couple End Up At Fabric, Rave Until 5AM

polishnew DJ Jacob Husley

This elderly Polish couple is giving the younger generation a run for their money.

Not many of us can stay out until 5am dancing, but these two definitely can.

The couple, from Warsaw, had been visiting their daughter in Watford and had read a review of London nightclub Fabric before their trip to the UK.

The pair, in their 80s, bought tickets to the underground house and techno party WetYourSelf, which runs every Sunday, and arrived when the club opened at 10:00pm on the weekend.

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Promoter and DJ Jacob Hansen, who has run the night for 10 years, said he initially thought the couple were lost when he saw them walking down the stairs.

He told the Standard:

I thought they were lost. They didn’t speak English really.

I thought they were maybe relatives of someone from the club, but then I spoke to the people on the door and they said they had tickets.

I ran down to welcome them to the club, I said ‘it’s amazing you’re here’ and gave them a drink.

They had two tequila shots and she gave me a high five.

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Not able to understand the couple properly, Hansen found someone who could translate. They discovered the couple were visiting their daughter, and enjoyed spending their Saturday nights back home visiting clubs.

Hansen offered the pair free drinks and took them upstairs to the VIP area. But despite walking with a crutch, the husband and wife left the club’s exclusive VIP area in favour of dancing amongst the hundreds of 20-something ravers on the dancefloor.

Hansen said: “They wanted to join in the party. They weren’t interested in upstairs. She was really slow so he went a bit more into the dancefloor and got some dances with the young girls.”

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The couple finally decided to call it a night at 5am, and left.

Hansen added:

They were really happy, they loved the crowd, it was really, really great.

In ten years of doing this every Sunday it’s the best experience I’ve had – it’s just amazing.

It’s definitely not every day you see a raving 80-year-old couple. Amazing.