Electoral College Confirms Biden US Election Win

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Electoral College Confirms Biden US Election WinPA Images

The Electoral College has confirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 US presidential election.

Despite the several failed attempts to overturn state results from the current POTUS Donald Trump, and despite recounts revealing the same victories, Biden’s win is more concrete than ever.


Biden’s victory was confirmed today, December 14, after California’s 55 Electoral College votes were counted and took him over the 270 mark needed to win.

While Trump continues to baselessly allege the election was ‘stolen’ from him via illegal votes and widespread electoral fraud – none of these claims have been supported by actual evidence – Biden is getting ready to enter the White House.

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Today, December 14, the electors of the Electoral College gathered in their respective state capitol buildings either physically or virtually to vote on who will become the next US president.


At the time of writing, Biden has 302 votes, taking him well past the 270 needed to win. Biden’s win in key battleground states like Florida and Pennsylvania was confirmed, while Trump so far has 232 votes. Blake Mazurek, a Michigan Democratic elector, told Reuters: ‘I hope there’s a sense of assurance to many in America that our country is not entirely broken.’

It’s important to remember that US citizens don’t actually vote for candidates directly. While their ballot allows them to choose who they want to be president, single votes are part of a larger system.

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They’re really voting for chosen officials who represent the Electoral College, a body of people who elect the president. It’s a winner-takes-all system; whichever candidate amasses the most ballots in the state’s popular vote then receives all of the Electoral College votes. It’s generally assumed the electors abide by the results of the popular vote, bar a limited number of occasions.


This is what’s meant by ‘battleground state’ – areas with high numbers of Electoral College votes that are crucial in allowing the candidate to climb to 270, the minimum number of votes needed to secure the Electoral College and win an election. If you’d like to find out more about how the election process works, click here.

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It is possible for a candidate to win the election without securing the popular vote (the pure percentage of voters in favour of one person). For example, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million votes in 2016, but still lost to Trump as he achieved the majority of Electoral College votes.

The contrast is even starker for Trump this year, with Biden becoming the first presidential candidate in history to cross 80 million votes. At around 74 million votes for Trump, it’s the most ballots for a losing candidate.


The president’s legal pursuits have been a massive failure, with judges all across the country rejecting the campaign’s claims and wishes that votes be discarded. Last week, a Supreme Court lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton looking to discard Biden’s winning votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia was thrown out.

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    Electoral College will vote Monday, confirming Biden's U.S. presidential win