Ellie Goulding Stops Glasgow Gig To Break Up Women Fighting



After a fight broke out at Glasgow’s Summer Sessions, Ellie Goulding had to stop her set and call for some peace among those involved.

Yes, I’ll say that again. Ellie Goulding. People were fighting during Ellie Goulding. Really.

At Sunday’s Summer Sessions event in Bellahouston Park, the popstar was on stage singing, when a brawl broke out near the front of the crowd.

Women started kicking the sh*t out of each other, punching, kicking, stamping, pulling – and obviously, somebody got their phone out and filmed it.


Ellie addressed the crowd:

Let me say one thing please for me, will you guys look out for each other?

If anyone falls down you help if it’s your friend or not. No fighting. Come on. Peace. No fighting. There’s no need for it.


It’s not the first time, either. She also had to break up a fight at last year’s Eden Project.