Elon Musk And United States Military To Build Supersonic Rocket That Can Deliver Cargo Anywhere In One Hour

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Elon Musk And United States Military To Build Supersonic Rocket That Can Deliver Cargo Anywhere In One HourPA Images

SpaceX intends to begin testing the rockets that can deliver cargo incredibly quickly, but there will be significant challenges.

The concept of moving 80 tonnes of cargo to any location in under an hour sounds impossible, but that is exactly what SpaceX and the US military intend to do. A contract with SpaceX that assesses the cost as well as the dangers has already begun, and it looks to be a fascinating project.


Despite this concept clearly being a target for all parties, SpaceX has never actually landed a rocket with any cargo. With that in mind, this is new territory for the company – as well as a new concept for the military.


Aerospace expert Douglas Barrie from the International Institute for Strategic Studies explained to The Times just one of the challenges the teams would face:

We send humans up into space safely, so sending cargo via orbit is not a problem. The challenge will be bringing it down.


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He went on to add that are several landing issues that the teams will have to answer. However, this agreement has been announced on the back of SpaceX achieving a considerable stake in Department of Defense contracts. With that in mind, this agreement makes sense despite the lack of cargo landings from the aerospace company.

This transportation method would be far faster than anything that the military has access to now. A Boeing C-17 Globemaster III that travels at 590mph can only travel from the US to Afghanistan in 15 hours. Clearly there is a market for this kind of cargo transportation, but whether rockets will be cost-effective remains to be seen.


The prospect of traversing cargo across the hour will certainly excite the parties involved, although it currently seems to be being tested in a theoretical capacity.


Nonetheless, the teams have to start out somewhere and it seems that SpaceX will be working on plenty of interesting contracts with its new deals with the US Military.

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