Elon Musk Claims Tesla Is Developing A Smaller Hatchback Vehicle And A 621-Mile Range Battery

by : Daniel Richardson on : 25 Nov 2020 11:38
Elon Musk Claims Tesla Is Developing A Smaller Hatchback Vehicle And A 621-Mile Range BatteryElon Musk Claims Tesla Is Developing A Smaller Hatchback Vehicle And A 621-Mile Range BatteryPA

After failing to deliver the million-mile battery, Tesla has shifted focus to more obtainable goals. Elon Musk has now announced plans for new batteries as well as cars better suited to parking in Berlin. 

Tesla has had an incredible year that has seen its share price soar, while its owner has become the second-richest person on the planet. This trend looks set to continue after Musk discussed the future endeavours of Tesla.


At the European Battery Conference, Elon Musk explained Tesla’s upcoming plans and how it would relate to life in the European Union. Firstly, Musk addressed how the battery range would improve to 621 miles, and while this is not the million-mile battery that has been discussed, it is certainly an impressive distance to achieve.

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Musk explained Tesla’s plans:

As far as range is concerned, I think we’ve shown that the range can be very long. In fact, we could make it even longer than it is today.

But our longest range vehicles have a range of over 600 kilometers and we could actually do more than that, and you’ll see some improved versions of our vehicles come out with over 600 kilometers range, starting to approach 700 kilometers.

And, we even have some under development long term that can do a thousand kilometers.


Clearly, the company has big ambitions for the batteries of its vehicles, and it was also claimed that the batteries would have a 15-year lifespan. This is undoubtedly a considerable proposition, indicating the scope of Tesla’s plans.

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Musk also spoke about vehicle sizes, and it seems that a smaller Tesla vehicle will be developed to enable easier parking in European countries. Musk noted that ‘in Europe, it would make sense to do a compact car – perhaps a hatchback or something like that’, and this idea seems to have spawned from a personal issue.

Musk discussed the difficulty he has parking in Berlin:


In the US the cars tend to be bigger… I was driving a Model X around Berlin and we had quite a lot of trouble finding a parking space that could fit it.

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Moving forward, Tesla has big plans in battery production and it is anticipated that ‘the world’s biggest’ cell-battery factory will be built close to the Tesla car production plant. These significant European plans will likely tie-in to Tesla’s global mission of delivering greater electric vehicles.

Musk touched on how electronic trucks would be part of Tesla’s future, and the longer-lasting batteries will undoubtedly be an essential component in making this a reality.


It seems that Tela has a growing focus in Europe and it will be exciting to see the new batteries, as well as smaller vehicles, arrive in the cities where it is difficult to find a parking spot.

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