Elon Musk Responds To Claims His Thai Rescue Effort Was Useless

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jul 2018 22:03
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Super rich person, Elon Musk, has responded to claims his plan to rescue the Thai football team trapped in a cave was ‘not practical’.


While the Space X and Tesla philanthropist wanted to do some actual good, it appears his 19.7-billion-dollar-ego took a bruising when his help was rejected by the local government in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Instead of accepting the rejection Musk released a statement criticising the rescue effort’s Chief and his comments about the ‘usefulness’ of his mini-submarines.

I’m not sure why Musk just can’t be happy all twelve of the kids and their coach made it out? Maybe he’s desperate to be seen as the real-life Tony Stark/Iron Man and this was his opportunity? Only for it to be taken away by Narongsak Osatanakorn, the governor of Chiang Rai and head of the rescue operation.


According to the Independent, Osatanakorn labelled Musk’s plan to use mini-submarines in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave as ‘not practical’. It was argued the submarine would not be able to fit in the cave’s tight tunnels.

Osatanakorn told reporters:

Even though their equipment is technologically sophisticated, it doesn’t fit with our mission to go in the cave.

It appears Musk took the criticism personally, claiming his submarines would have been able to navigate through the cave’s tight and difficult network of tunnels.

He claims:

Based on extensive cave video review & discussion with several divers who know journey, SpaceX engineering is absolutely certain that mini-sub can do entire journey & demonstrate at any time. [sic]

Trapped young footballers in cave in ThailandTrapped young footballers in cave in ThailandPA

He also called into question Osatanakorn, who he felt was not in a position to judge his plan – Elon Musk, so modest.

Musk went on to say:

The former Thai provincial governor (described inaccurately as ‘rescue chief’) is not the subject matter expert. That would be Dick Stanton, who co-led the dive rescue team.

He also shared an email correspondence with Richard Stanton, one of the British divers who was called in to help with the rescue effort.

In their email conversations it appears Stanton encourages Musk’s help and adds:

It is absolutely worth continuing with the development of this system in as timely a manner as feasible. If the rain holds out it may well be used.

In the end, Musk’s submarines weren’t needed, as the huge effort to rescue the Thai youth football team was a resounding success when they all escaped the flooded cave after more than two weeks of being trapped.

A team, which consisted of divers and aid workers, had been working tirelessly to ensure the kids and their coach made it out of the cave, located in the Thailand province of Chiang Rai.

Well done to everybody involved in making sure these young boys made it out in one piece.


Wishing all the boys and their coach a full recovery!

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