Embarrassing Club Photo Inspires Bullied Teenager To Lose Weight


An embarrassing nightclub photo posted online inspired Irish teenager Conor Doyle to make a drastic change in his life.

Conor spent a night at a youth disco Dublin, where he got a group photograph taken of him and his mates.

A stranger somehow got hold of the photo online, cropped everyone else out leaving just Conor, added a ‘piss-take caption’ about his weight and uploaded it to a embarrassing nightclub page on Facebook.


Conor told Newstalk 106-108fm:

You can’t really be fine, and anyone who says they’re fine is lying. I consider myself relatively strong mentally, but that hurt and it’s hard to deal with. It’s not easy.

This was the wake-up call he needed, and after a trip to the hospital where doctors advised he take part in a sponsored weight loss programme, Conor totally switched up his eating habits, exercise routine, and daily life, THUMP reported.

He’s now dropped 3.5 stone, and his story is an inspiration to others who’ve experienced similar incidents.