Embarrassing Moment Teacher Gets Caught By Students Shopping For Lingerie

by : UNILAD on : 13 Mar 2016 13:58


A maths teacher was caught out in the most awkward way possible after revealing his let’s say ‘interesting’ shopping habits to his students.


This short clip shows the professor apparently hard at work as the class studies, but unfortunately he didn’t seem to realise he’d left his laptop plugged into the projector and his students could see exactly what he was doing.

Instead of working, he was looking at a series of eBay ads featuring women posing in lingerie. Oh dear.

The teacher remains completely oblivious throughout the entire cringeworthy clip, but of course given the amount of stuff available to him on the net, this could have all ended a whole lot worse.


The video was posted on Reddit by D3Gamma, who was apparently one of the students in the class.

When asked what happened after the clip finished, they replied: “He never found out. After this class ended he switched to the next class’ assignments. So he doesn’t know that it wasn’t turned off or ‘Frozen on a screen.'”

Well they’ve definitely been given a fascinating insight into their teachers shopping habits, that’s for sure.

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